Above: the assembly of Pom-Poms over coffee and cake – part of the Sunflower Suicide Prevention Project, supported by the Fund. These Pom-Poms are then distributed all across the local area, and have affirmations and messages of hope attached to them.

The Shine On campaign ran a funding scheme supporting individuals and community groups to run their own activity, initiative or event that addresses suicide in some way, or raises awareness of the issue. 

This is the Suicide Prevention Innovation Fund

The first round of funding took place over Winter 2019 into Spring 2020. We are pleased to share details about some of the projects funded below. 


The Sunflower Suicide Prevention Project

Led by Loo Fletcher, this project brought together over 100 volunteers who hand-made and distributed over 850 pom-poms, each with a message of positivity and hope attached to them. The pom-poms were left at train stations, bus depots, beach fronts, and town centres across the South West. Part of the aim of the project was not only to spread hope, but to create a “wholesome space to come together and get the conversation going” via the numerous ‘make sessions’ that took place.

Barbers talk to save men’s live at Weston-super-Mare

The Warriors of Wellbeing were joined by the Lions Barber Collective for an evening event exploring how to engage with people at risk of suicide. The event saw presentations, films and speeches; looking at such topics as the unique relationship between barbers and their clients, suicide prevention in San Francisco, and experiencing suicidal thoughts at university.

Don’t be ALONE at Christmas

The fund supported Proud Bar in Weston-super-Mare to open over the Christmas week to provide a space for individuals to go if they were feeling isolated or needed a safe space, particularly in recognition of the fact that the festive period is often a very challenging time for people with mental health problems. Over 50 people dropped in over the course of Christmas 2019, many of whom felt isolated from their families and needed a safe space.

Man Up Bristol

A mini-documentary portraying men talking frankly about their personal experience of suicide.

And much more…

In addition to the above, the Fund also supported a wide range of other projects, including;

  • supporting an outreach organisation in Bristol start a new project to engage with people on the Bristol Harbourside who may be experiencing a mental health crisis
  • Aftermirth, an afternoon comedy show for new parents feeling isolated and struggling with poor mental health to enjoy with their young children
  • Let Us Discuss and Stop It, an open forum discussion event for members of the Somali community in Bristol to come together to address the issue, led by the Bristol Somali Youth Voice



Background information about the fund

The Suicide Prevention Innovation Fund is a grant scheme launched to support local groups whose work helps to prevent suicide and self-harm across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. The fund looks to support imaginative and innovative projects which aim to reduce the numbers of suicides in:

  • middle aged men
  • men and women aged 16-25
  • BAME communities
  • LGBTQ+ communities
  • Disabled communities

This innovation grant is available to support new or emerging projects. They can benefit from a small pot of funding that is intended to support initiatives that prevent suicides and reduce self-harm in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG). One-off funding grants of up to £250 towards a project (or up to £500 where it is across BNSSG) are available.