Opportunities to represent our network and support our work in the South West

There are three branches of the Independent Mental Health Network (IMHN) in the South West. These are the BIMHN in Bristol; Clarity-NSIMHN in North Somerset; and South Gloucestershire IMHN.

Branches and members of branches support local projects improving mental healthcare and support in their respective areas, as well as working together on projects that take place across the combined BNSSG (Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire) area. This post contains some more information about some opportunities that we are looking for people to put themselves forward for.

If you would like to apply for any of the roles listed below, click here to complete the application form. When completing the form, please select the role you are interested in on the third question. If, for any reason, you are unable to complete the online application form, please get in touch by emailing engagement[at]imhn.org.

1. Represent BIMHN on the Bristol Women’s Commission Health Task Group

The Bristol Women’s Commission Health Task Group meets quarterly, and meetings currently focus on the impact of COVID-19 on women’s health.

BIMHN has a place reserved at these meetings for one of our members to attend and represent the network. If you identify as a woman, live in Bristol, and are a member of BIMHN; we would like to invite you to put yourself forward as our rep for this meeting.

Meetings of the Task Group will last for two hours. If you have any other questions, please get in touch by sending an email to the email address above.

2. Join the BNSSG COVID-19 Lived Experience Steering Group

IMHN’s branches in the South West are continuing to support the work of the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) Mental Health and Wellbeing Cell. The Cell is part of a wider structure in the South West that is co-ordinating the health and care system’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the group formed, it has helped shape the branding of the new 24/7 mental health telephone support line; and is currently reviewing and inputting into proposals about how the local mental health system will respond to the anticipated surge in the number of people experiencing mental health problems as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you live in either the Bristol, North Somerset, or South Gloucestershire areas; and have lived experience of mental health, we are inviting you to apply to join the steering group. Click here for more information and details of how to apply.

3. Apply to be a lived experience representative trauma-informed practice subgroup

As mentioned above, IMHN are supporting the work of the BNSSG Mental Health and Wellbeing Cell. This includes supporting lived experience representatives to attend subgroups of the Cell; subgroups are dedicated to a particular aspect of the mental health system.

We are seeking an additional representative to attend fortnightly meetings of the trauma-informed practice subgroup. This group focuses on developing services that will take a trauma-informed approach in how they work with people accessing these services. The group will also be about building the case for culture change, and the development of a knowledge and skills framework for trauma-informed practice going forward.

August 16, 2020 at 7:56 pm

Tom Renhard, IMHN’s CEO, has been supporting the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to co-produce the The Working with People and Communities Charter, which represents a new commitment to working with the community to plan future health services.

The Charter has been co-produced by the CCG and members of its Patient and Public Involvement Forum (PPIF). This forum includes members of the public with first-hand experience of services, and patient groups from across the region who reflect the views of wider communities. The charter outlines the vision for the work that the CCG undertakes, and the principles they will seek to follow.

Tom is quoted in the CCG’s press release announcing the launch of the charter. Read what he has to say about the CCG’s new commitment by clicking here (this weblink takes you to the CCG’s news and updates pages).

July 10, 2020 at 11:38 am

Do you have lived experience of mental health crisis or attempting to access mental health crisis services?

We are looking for up to six lived experience representatives to join a crisis pathway redesign event.

The details are below:

Date: Friday 15 November 2019

Times: 09:30am -16:30pm

Location: Holiday Inn, Bond Street, Bristol, BS1 3LE (next to the Bristol Bear Pit roundabout).

About the role

The aim of the day is to progress the development of a new blueprint for BNSSG crisis services. We want to come to together as system partners to co-produce the crisis services of the future.

Your role will be to help shape the conversations on the day and what is developed.

Lived experience attendees at the service redesign event will:

  • Provide the perspectives of people who use mental health crisis services (or have attempted to).
  • Use any personal experience as a patient of the current services in a constructive and objective way to ensure views are as representative as possible.
  • Be available to attend the event for the whole day.
  • Understand that they may be asked to respect the confidentiality of items discussed at the event.
  • Contribute to feedback on presentations given at the meetings, some of which will be made by people who use are currently using or have used services.
  • Feedback to IMHN on matters discussed at the event.
  • Help others attending decide on appropriate outcome measurements that will capture the experiences of those trying to access the services in the future.

BNSSG CCG and IMHN will provide the following support to representatives:

  • An allowance of £84.00 for attending the whole event.
  • Reasonable out of pocket travel expenses from within the Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire area (taxis must be agreed in advance).
  • Free parking in the NCP Car Park by the Holiday Inn (where travelling by car).
  • Lunch will also be provided (please tell us about any dietary requirements).
  • Support to take part in the day from BNSSG CCG and IMHN.

Supporting Statementand Deadline

We are asking applicants to write no more than 250 words stating how they meet the criteria listed in the experience, knowledge and skills section. Please do specify if you have personal experience of crisis services as part of your supporting statement. If you need more advice or help, please feel free to contact Tom.

Please email expressions of interest to tom[@]imhn.org (removing the brackets from the email address) by Monday 11 November 2019. We will notify successful applicants by Tuesday 12 November 2019.

You can read more about the opportunity here.


November 6, 2019 at 5:53 pm