Service and Signposting Guide

This guide brings together service updates and signposting information about mental health support services and organisations local to the Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire (‘BNSSG’) areas. There is also additional signposting information for other local services and national support.

The information on these webpages is being added to, reviewed, and updated on a daily basis. 

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What information are you looking for?

Signposting and service information in Bristol

Signposting and service information in North Somerset

Signposting and service information in South Gloucestershire

Signposting information in the Greater Manchester area

General signposting information


Accuracy note:

  • this guide is intended to be comprehensive, but does not purport to be exhaustive
  • the upmost level of care is being taken to ensure that the information contained is as complete, up-to-date, and accurate as possible
  • after each item, you will notice an comment stating the date the item was last updated. This relates to the most recent occasion that the information has been added or amended by a member of the IMHN staff team.