Rep claims

This page contains guidance on submitting a claim for payment for IMHN’s lived experience representatives.

Please click here to submit your claim.

If you are a new lived experience representative, please submit your payment details before you submit your first claim. Please download and complete this form to .

Guidance for lived experience representatives

Please submit a claim for your project at least once a month. However, if you wish to, you may claim straight after you have done a piece of work (for example, attended a meeting, or spent a period of time reading/answering emails). Please keep a track of your own hours – we have a template sheet available to help you do this if needed.

Try and include as much detail as possible in your claim. This will help us process it faster. If we receive large claims with little detail (for example ’10 hours work’), we may need to check some details with you. This will result in a delay in processing your claim.

Claims will be processed within 28 days. If we have any queries about your submission, we will contact you.

Guidance for lived experience representatives contributing to multiple projects

The online claim form allows you to claim for one project at a time. Please start a new submission for each project that you are submitting a claim for.

Guidance for lived experience representatives claiming for non-IMHN projects

Please contact your co-ordinator in this situation. If we receive claims for attendance or contributions to projects that IMHN is not involved with, your claim will likely be rejected.