Membership of IMHN

Do you want to be a part of a growing movement of people changing the way that mental health is recognised and treated across the country? Join the Independent Mental Health Network as a member today. 

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If you represent a membership-led organisation, there is more information about your group can join IMHN. See below for more details. 

Provided you submit the membership form and meet the criteria for membership based on self-identification, you automatically become a member of IMHN. Additionally, you will also become a member of your local branch of IMHN, if you live in an area covered by an active branch. 

If there is no branch local to you, we can provide support in helping you get one set up. 

Membership explained

Membership is free. Membership is subject to meeting the criteria for joining. This criteria is a part of our Constitution; the legal governing document of IMHN. The provision covering membership can be found here. 


Full Individual Membership is open to

  • people over the age of eighteen


  • An individual who has ever used Mental Health services; or
  • An individual who is currently using Mental Health services; or
  • An individual currently trying to access Mental Health services; or
  • An individual who self-defines as having had or currently having Mental Health issues.

Full membership of IMHN guarantees speaking and voting rights at meetings, as well as being eligible to stand for election to local branch committees.

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Associate Individual Membership

is an alternative to full individual membership, and is open to

  • people under the age of eighteen; or
  • people who do not identify with the criteria for full membership, but still wish to join our network; or
  • people who would like to otherwise support the work of the Independent Mental Health Network

Or any combination of the above.

Associate membership of IMHN guarantees speaking rights at meetings.

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User-led mental health organisations

User-led groups, self help groups and organisations whose work relates to mental health may join IMHN as a group.

Organisations eligible for group membership of IMHN shall be represented by up to two representatives.

If you represent a user-led organisation, click here to register as a member today.



There are two places for representatives from each organisation eligible for group membership. The representatives will be decided by each organisation through a democratic process, with evidence of this being provided to their local IMHN branch committee, or its nominee upon request.

These representatives may also, if they wish, become full or associate individual members of IMHN in their own right.


For any questions about membership of IMHN, please email membership[at]

When emailing us, please take care to replace the [at] with @ – this is an anti-spam measure.